Honesty in the age of Fake News

My first blog, lets keep it simple.

This is my first blog, lets keep it simple. I want to provide clear & accurate advice to people who are sore or injured. It can be really, really tough! We are living in strange times. The world has become a place where myths and lies get pushed as the truth, it’s hard to keep up. Everyone seems to have an agenda or something to sell, spouting whatever it takes to make us believe.


What should we believe and why should we believe it? In my opinion it’s good to be a little sceptical, not closed to new things but wary of bullshit. I am a Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist, I am guided by scientific research and medical evidence. I have a duty to tell my patients the truth, but I also feel like that’s the bare minimum any healthcare professional should do! So why are there so many myths and lies out there about physical healthcare? Well, one reason is because we are all a little too easy to fool. Sometimes it’s easier to understand a simple explanation instead of a more complicated one, even though the simple one may be a lie. Ever heard of a slipped disc? Of course you have, people say it all the time. Let me clear something up… DISCS DON’T SLIP! They just don’t. Spines are strong & bits do not go jumping in and out of place. Yes you can injure a disc and that will hurt like hell, but it hasn’t slipped anywhere. So why the myth? Well for a long time people have been charging money and providing bullshit explanations and bullshit treatments because it SEEMS like it makes sense. If we mentally buy the idea, we will buy the offered service. I say it’s time for change.

“Ever heard of a slipped disc? Of course you have, people say it all the time. Let me clear something up… DISCS DON’T SLIP!”

People aren’t stupid and we aren’t all sheep. We can handle the truth. Personally, I am fed up with people being given the wrong explanations, wrong diagnosis, and the wrong advice. There’s a dangerous mix out there of those who don’t know enough to be tinkering with human bodies, and those who know but mislead people so they can part them with more of their cash. I run a clinic and I charge for the services provided, but I refuse to compromise my professionalism. I will not tell you to come in for 30 appointments when you can be better in 3. I trust that people are smart & are ready to hear truthful explanations, given by a qualified expert, in a professional manor.

I love helping people. I can change the treatment approach or rehab plan to fit your needs, but im going to keep being honest.


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